Biccy Bites Products are essentially for your best buddy, although they shouldn’t be eaten by you, there really is no restrictions as all of our ingrediants are of human grade, and as with any product are labelled accordingly.

However your tastes are different to that of a dog’s, and what you find attractive is different from a dogs perspective.

Whilst trying to keep things healthy, dogs as in humans may have an allergy, if so we urge you to take caution, as our products are baked on a certain day to ensure freshness, and when the kitchen is busy .... It’s a busy place to be in.

We do not freeze our products, they are fresh from the oven and all have a baking date stamped on them.  As we use fresh products, they have a relative short shelf life and should be consumed by your dog (this should not be a problem) within a short time after purchase.




No Additives, No Preservatives
Just Freshly Baked Products for our Best Buddies
Biccy Bites products  are intended as a complementary dog treat.  Serve as an occasional special treat or reward.
Always ensure fresh drinking water is available.